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Denver City Hall closed to the public.  See more

Additional News

The Denver garage sales have been cancelled for the spring and will pick back up September 12, 2020.

The Golf Cart Registration event will be at a later date and registration enforcement will NOT be enforced until AFTER that event.

The City of Denver has approved mosquito control with Mosquito Control of Iowa.  A representative will be at the city council meeting April 20, 2020 with any concerns you may have regarding mosquito spraying.  Click here to view Resolution 20-2020

BEWARE OF TECH SUPPORT SCAMS If you receive a message on your computer or a phone call that says your computer is infected or you need a firewall DON’T call the number listed! DON’T click on the link! DON’T give control of your computer! DON’T send any money! DON’T buy gift cards to pay them! […]