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Mayors article for January Newsletter,
The Mayor’s quarterly newsletter is back by popular demand. So here we go with a re-cap of 2014.
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What a year, Denver has seen many changes through out the year. Some were very noticeable and a lot happening behind the scenes. I will start off with some of the cities larger infrastructure projects and repairs. The Sewer Plant has been the largest project that has been in the works for several years and will finally be completed sometime this summer or early fall. The south lift station is the part that will be in operation very soon. Unfortunately, it will come at a cost to tax payers and we will all see more increases in our water and sewer bills. In the end it will all be good, as Denver continues to grow these changes will be one of those major parts of our infrastructure that will lure more business developments here. We had several water main breaks on Eagle Street the last few years, therefore, the water mains were replaced from Mill St. to State St. Some of those water breaks may have come from that harsh 2013 winter as I am sure most of us remember. It was reported that the frost line was over 6 feet deep. Again the city worked with the public to get lines re-opened. With help from Hotsy we were able to open the frozen lines and over 150 water customers were given relief on their water bills to keep the water running until the end of March. The box culvert on South Main was replaced with sidewalk extension to that point and in 2015 will continue along South State Street. We also are finishing up on year 3 with the Electric / Water meter replacements. The tree board has taken a tree inventory after the Ash Boar has been found in our county, so in 2015 the tree board will be deciding on how to deal with treating or removing those infected trees and a tree replacement program will follow that. Council moved ahead with some sidewalk projects. This has been and always will be a tough issue for council to deal with. We had a second sidewalk study done and it came back very similar to the one we had done several years ago. Since the first study the layout of Denver has changed and council decided to move ahead with the most vital areas. In this phase it was focused around the school areas of Farrington and Lincoln Street. Now that this phase is completed I encourage everyone, especially children to use the sidewalks in those areas. Lincoln, Eagle, Fairview and Farrington are extremely busy streets during the school year. I would like to thank all the home owners that this affected for working with the city on getting these sections of sidewalk to be installed. I am sure this coming year council will be looking at Phase II for additional sidewalks to be installed in the busy areas. I realize that it may put a financial burden on some of our citizens, but to increase the safety of our citizens and value of our community this is a small price to pay for all of us. City Hall also got some internal work done with painting and replacing the carpet in the Community Room. Also a big thank you to Roger and Shirley Thurm for the purchase of a new and larger flat screen TV for the Community Room. One new item in town is the addition of a new Splash pad in City Park. Although it got put in a little late, it looks like it will be a great addition to the park and the center of town. Denver Police Department also is back up to full staff with the addition of Officer Matt Root.
One of the most notable business changes in Denver this year was the new Brothers Market located at the south end of town. As most of you know Benders Super Value closed their doors in early January, so Denver was without a local grocery store for several months. In July Brothers Market opened with a brand new beautiful store. During the grand opening Governor Terry Branstad stopped by to meet and greet all who attended. I would encourage those of you who have not stopped in or are shopping elsewhere to stop by and take a look and shop local. Thank you to the Brothers Market for investing in Denver. Also Denver Savings Bank and Newy’s Cellular moved into the grocery store. Sterling Tops also made a move, after 40 plus years in the “old Kurtts Grocery Store” Sterling Tops purchased Benders and moved their business to that location. This too should give that business more room and efficiency to produce more of their product. Thank you to Rick and Renae Jostad for investing back into our community. Just down the road Scott McFarland redid the old Just Cuz site into a small business plaza with one new Chiropractic business and Wags who moved from their old site. Scott took advantage of the Cities Façade program. Thanks to Scott for that project. In March Joel and Sara Oltrogge opened the “The Sweet Spot”. After many years of not having an ice cream spot in town, the Oltrogges
stepped forth and added The Sweet Spot which I am sure all you ice cream lovers really enjoyed. Thank you Sara and Joel. As you continue up Main Street we have two new businesses and one in the making. Newy’s Moto Sports and Docs Knife Works. Thanks again to Jeff Neuendorf and Bruce Piehl for opening new business’s in Denver. Newy’s Moto Sports is located in the old Kurtt’s Shoe Shop and Doc’s Knifes in Burton Piehl’s old Barber Shop. David Larson purchased the old Hardware store and is slowly renovating that building. Thanks David for helping Main Street to be more attractive. A couple other businesses that took advantage of the Façade program were Deb Smith with Smith Studios and the Bartlings at the End Zone. Those businesses did some upgrading on the buildings, so thanks to Deb, Bruce and Alicia for taking advantage of the Façade program. As the year came to an end, we lost a long time business. The Rite Spot which has been in Denver as long as I can remember. Sue Steinberg who was the most recent owner had decided to close up. The Rite Spot will be missed by all. We thank Sue for many years of service to our community. But when all things come to an end others will arise. Kelly Miller and family has purchased the Rite Spot and in early January will be opening a new family restaurant called The Dinner Bell. We thank the Miller’s for investing in Denver during such an exciting time. This fall a new group has been created, Promote Denver and the Denver Diplomats’, this is another group made of mostly business owners. Their goal is to recognize and to promote all of our businesses in town.
Wow where do I stop.
Our residential grant program continues on. We had 9 new homes built in 2014; this brings us a total of over 20 new homes since the program started. Council has approved another 10 grants for 2015. I suggest if interested in this program to jump in early. With too many names to mention and fear of forgetting anyone a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for choosing Denver as new home.
Our community also has fun. First of all thank you for all the volunteers who have committed many many hours of their personal time to create fun activities in town. Break Away Days is always a great time in August, this year I especially liked the Dueling Pianos and hope they return in 2015. Parks and Rec had another good year, but committee leader Stacy Baas will need help this coming year to keep that program going. One of the quiet groups in town is the Denver Library; Kelly Platte has many fun activities and also works with Parks in Rec to add activities for young and old. We also had two tractor rides come through town this summer, those are always great to watch and brings back memories of times gone by. Also Denver had two motorcycle benefit rides, for Scott Henry, and Jim Rogers.
Denver is going through an exciting time. This year should bring on more new homes; Casey’s General Store will start construction soon. Denver School Board’s bond issue almost passed falling just a few votes short of passing. After reviewing the previous plans for the school and if it goes to vote this year we will see more construction in town not only with the school but more homes being built and new families move to town that will benefit both the school and Denver.
As you can see Denver has been a busy little city. Two other groups that work silent behind the scenes are Denver Fire Rescue and Denver Ambulance. Those two departments operate primarily on volunteers and the community could not function without them. Thanks to all those men and women who give back countless hours to Denver with many many hours of training and time protecting our community. As your mayor the past few years it has been a pleasure to serve our community during this exciting time of growth. I will finish by saying I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday.
“That’s all for this year” — Mayor Rod Diercks
City of Denver, Iowa January 10, 2015 Volume 15, Issue 1
Denver City Code 10.28.040 reads: During the winter months of November 1st thru April 1st no person is allowed to park a motor vehicle, trailer of any kind on the north or south side of the roadway. The following specific locations are as follows: 1. On East Fayette Street from its intersection with State Street to the intersection with Mill Street. 2. On West Fayette Street from its intersection with State Street to the intersection with Zingg Dr.
When a weather even measuring more than 3 inches of snow or weather occurrences indicate the need for the Mayor or Street Superintendent or Street Superintendent designee may proclaim a ‘SNOW EMERGENCY’ and shall request local news media to publicize the proclamation and applicable parking restrictions. The proclamation of snow emergency shall state the date and time that the snow emergency shall take effect and parking shall be restricted. In short this means when there is a snow emergency NO PARKING ON ANY STREET. Snow Emergency notifications will be on KWWL or listen to KWAY – FM 99.3 and KWAY – AM 1470
RESTRICTION ON SNOW REMOVAL – No person shall in any manner remove snow from private property into the City streets, alleys or off-street parking areas (Denver City Code 10.28.0300.
SIDEWALK CLEANING – Property owners are required to keep sidewalks abutting their property clear of natural accumulation of snow or ice. Snow or ice accumulations need to be removed within 24 hours of the last accumulation. If property owners fail to remove snow accumulation, the Mayor is authorized to have the snow or ice removed (Denver City Code 12.16.030)
FIRE HYDRANTS – Please clear the snow around the hydrant if there is one on your property. This will enable the fire department access to water in case of a fire.
MAILBOXES – are a concern this time of year. The snow plows get as close to the curb and gutter as possible, however, if additional snow removal is necessary you will need to remove the excess accumulation yourself. The Denver Postmaster states that the face of the mailbox should be installed 8 inches from the back of the curb and gutter section. This provides protection to the mailbox from the snow plow in the event the door remains open. Mailboxes should be installed 42” to 48” from the ground to the bottom of the mailbox
SNOWMOBLE ORDINANCE REMINDER – Snowmobiles are to be operated within the permitted areas of the Denver corporate limits. This area is generally described as the southern most corporate limit on Transit Street right-of-way to junction with Eagle Street and Transit Street, thence east on Eagle to 341 S State Street (Kwik Star) and the reverse. The operation of snowmobiles shall be permitted 24 hours per day
THE DENVER CITY HALL will be closed Monday, February 16, 2014 in observance of President’s Day
CLEAN-UP DAY – has been set for April 25, 2015 between 8:00 a.m. and Noon. This will be in the City Lot at Transit and W Main. Watch for more information coming in the spring.
THE ACH PROGRAM has been such a great success I thought I would mention it again. To make your utility bill easier to pay have your utility payment come directly out of your bank account. Funds come out of your account on the 25th of every month. If interested, stop by City Hall to sign up
EASTERN IOWA HOME SHOW – Denver will have a booth at the Eastern Iowa Home Show at the Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center Friday 6,7,8, 2015
JANUARY 10 – Council reviews expenditure Projections and articulates Budget priorities
JANUARY 19 – Council reviews expenditure projections and articulates budget priorities
FEBRUARY 2 – Final Review of Revenue and Expenditure Estimates
FEBRUARY 1-13 – Preparation of Budget Document
FEBRUARY 17 – Council adopts Resolution No. 8-2015 setting Public Hearing for FY 2016 City Budget
FEBRUARY 18 – Submits Public Hearing Notice to Denver Forum for Publications.
MARCH 2 – City Council Conducts Public Hearing on FY 2016 Proposed City Budget.
MARCH 2 – Council adopts Resolution No 14-2015 approving FY 2016 Denver City Budget.
MARCH 3 – Submit FY 2016 City Budget to Bremer County Auditor
2015 LED REBATE PROGRAM – The LED rebate program has been in play for five years now. With great success and the decreasing cost of the LED lamps it is time to scale the program back from the 50% cost share. On January 1, 2015 all LED lamps for the residential program are eligible for a $2 incentive per lamp to a maximum of 20 lamps or $40 per address per year. Be sure to take advantage of the program.
INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING? – Bremer County Community Partners is a group of volunteers that organize community events such as the Family Fun Fair, School Hygiene Project, ReVibe Project, Foster Care Essentials, and Halloween Treat Bags. There is no paid staff and they can always use volunteers.
LIHEAP – This is the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program that is available to qualified Denver residence. If you are in need of assistance to pay your utility bills, and meet the income guidelines please call Northeast Iowa Community Action Corporation at 319-352-4532.
THANK YOU – Roger & Shirley Thurm for funds to purchase a new 55” television for the community center and library. Also the beautiful TV stand.
THANK YOU – Art Kurtt, Jim Franzen, Karen Acton, Alton Midthus, and Rene Valverde for helping to plant the trees that were planted this fall.
DENVER PUBLIC LIBRARY – Cure your cabin fever this winter with a trip to the Denver Public Library! The library offers a variety of programs and classes throughout the season. There are new bestsellers, a large selection of magazines, and new release movies available for check out. Browse the genealogy room which houses Denver High School annuals dating back to the 1940’s, area church books, and Bremer County history books. New technology classes are offered each month. Watch for the upcoming class schedule at the library and in the Denver Forum.
*Toddlers and preschool age children can enjoy story time every Tuesday morning form 10:30 to 11:30. The library also offers a special story time the second Thursday of every month from 6:30 to 7:30, which is open to all ages of children. Those attending can come in their pajamas and listen to stories or watch a fun movie.
*Children in Kindergarten to 5th grade can also join LEGO club, which meets every other Tuesday after school at 3:30. LEGO club participants have a different building challenge each time with games, crafts, and snacks.
*Teens in 6th to 12th grade can join our recently formed Teen Advisory Board. TAB meets twice a month on Wednesday afternoons to recommend books for our Young Adult section, plan fundraisers, and organize events for teens to participate in.
THE DENVER PUBLIC LIBRARY is partnering with the UNI Small Business Development Center and the Denver Diplomats to offer free classes for business owners, employees, or anyone interested in starting their own business. Planning is under way to start with two classes this winter, “Startup Boot Camp” and “Free Online Tools for Growing Your Business” Each class is 90 minutes long and will be scheduled on a weekday evening. Classes need to have at least 12-15 people signed up in order to hold the class. For more information or if you are interested in taking these classes, contact the Denver Library at 984-5140.
THE DENVER PUBLIC LIBRARY Board of Trustees and staff would like to thank our patrons for supporting library services in our community. Many have donated items or funds to purchase items for the library or volunteered their time and talents with the butterfly garden, summer reading, and other events throughout the year. Thank you for helping to make our public library a great place for all to enjoy!
Every effort was made to assure accuracy, if you find an error or have an idea for the next

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